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Q:  Is There A Cost To Join The FLOCK?

A:  There is no membership fee.

Q:  Can I choose which wines I receive in my allocation?

A:  The spirit of the wine club is to allow members the opportunity to try all new wines released by Hilmy prior to sell-out.  Some members use this as an opportunity to decide which wines they like enough to place a larger order to stock-up with. Therefore, our wines are carefully curated by our winemaker.

Q:  What is the cost of a seasonal allocation?

A:  Allocation prices vary by varietal and bottle count. More details will be provided on pricing when you sign up as a member.

Q:  Can I Add Wines That I’ve Already Tried And I Know I Like To An Allocation?

A:  Absolutely.  If you’ve tried vintages that you love, and we have it in stock, we will gladly add it to your allocation.  This is encouraged to both save you shipping fees, and also to bump up your discount to the next level.

Q:  What Is The Cost Of A Seasonal Allocation?

A:  The cost of an allocation is equal to the bottle price, less the FLOCK loyalty discount applied.  Active members of the FLOCK receive 15% off all wines purchased, 20% off 6 bottles or more, and 25% off a case of 12 bottles or more.  This discount applies to all wines purchased throughout the year, as well as allocations.  Our bottle prices range from $24-$70 per bottle.

Q:  May I Have My Allocation Shipped?

A:  Indeed.  We ship via UPS Ground and rates will vary based on the number of items shipped.  Members wishing to have their reserved wine shipped to them should indicate a delivery preference of “Ship” in their membership profile.  This is typically selected during the sign-up process.  If you would like to update your delivery preference, you may do so on-line using the UPDATE my FLOCK Membership form, or call our tasting room at 830-644-2482.

SHIPPING Details:  allocations are packed in wine-shipping boxes and sent via UPS Ground beginning the Monday after the release.  Tracking numbers are sent via e-mail to the member's e-mail address on file.  Someone over the age of 21 must be available to sign for the package because it contains wine.  If this is not possible, shipments may be held at the nearest UPS store location for pick-up at the convenience of the member.  Shipping fees are based on the actual shipping rates we are charged.

*  Note:  We work hard to produce the best wine we possibly can, and we want you to enjoy your purchase. Therefore, we will not send during extreme weather, which could compromise the quality of the wine. This may occasionally lead to delays in shipments. In especially warm weather, wine is shipped overnight with ice packs. 

Q:  If My Delivery Preference Is “Pick-Up”, How Long Do I Have To Pick-Up My Allocation?

A:  Allocations will be held in the tasting room at Hilmy Cellars for 60 days.  After 60 days, we will begin packing and shipping any allocations not yet picked-up.  If you need more time to pick-up, no problem at all.  Just let us know and we’ll be happy to hold it longer than the 60-days as needed.

PICK-UP Details:  allocations are carefully packed in carry-out packages and ready for pick-up beginning on the first date of release for that particular allocation.  Members are encouraged to pick-up on the date or weekend of release in order to enjoy the celebrations surrounding each release.  If that’s not possible, allocations will be held for 60 days, after which they will be re-packed and shipped.  Members may extend their pick-up date anytime by calling our tasting room at 830-644-2482, or sending a e-mail to theFLOCK@hilmywine.com.

Q:  If My Delivery Preference Is “Pick-Up”, Or “Ship”, And I Want A Particular Allocation Delivered By The The Other Method (Ex:  “I’m A ‘Ship’, But I’m Going To Be In Fredericksburg And I Want To ‘Pick-Up'”, Or “I’m A ‘Pick-Up’, But I Can’t Get There And I Want It Shipped By My Birthday”), Can I Do That?

A:  Of course!  Just call us or send an e-mail to theFLOCK@hilmywine.com no later than 2-weeks prior to the allocation so that we can pack your wine appropriately.  The sooner, the better…this will help us prepare your package in a timely manner.

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